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About Us

Established in 1986, Air Combat USA literally invented the Civilian Air Combat Industry. Having flown well over 60,000 Guest Pilots safely and professionally over the past 35 years, Air Combat USA has set the standard for the design and execution of each mission. The flight team of Air Combat USA Instructor Pilots (IPs) have accumulated thousands of flight hours in many different kinds of high performance combat aircraft including Navy/Marine Fighter Pilots who flew the F-14 ‘Tomcat’, the F/A-18 ‘Hornet’ and the AV-8B ‘Harrier’ as well as the Marchetti SF.260.  The entire Air Combat USA Team, Flight Crew, Ground Crew and Office Staff have all been rigorously screened and tested, hand selected, and then meticulously trained to hone their individual job skills as well as fine tune their customer service skills to ensure that every Guest Pilot receives the best possible experience when they fly with us.  Air Combat USA has been featured on TopGear UK with Jeremy Clarkson, The Apprentice with Donald Trump, Game on! with Rob ‘The Gronk’ Gronkowski and many, many others! Experience the Air Combat USA difference -  Where fantasy meets reality and your dreams of flight come true!

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The mission at Air Combat USA is to provide an extraordinary fighter pilot experience! We set the standard for program design and execution, offering a fighter pilot experience second to none! Captain Mike Blackstone, founder of Air Combat USA, developed and patented the tracking system that verifies an air-to-air “kill” and equipped the aircraft with on-board cameras to ensure that the entire experience is recorded on digital videocassette for playback after the engagements.

The result — “everything is real… except the bullets!”

  • Featured on hundreds of television shows, such as The Apprentice and Good Morning America!

  • We work hand-in-hand with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure safety.

  • Great gift packages catered to your needs, such as corporate events, fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries, and bachelor parties!

  • We set the standard for program design and execution, using a patented tracking system that verifies an air-to-air “kill.”
    (developed by Captain Mike Blackstone, founder of Air Combat USA)

  • Fly real military fighter planes with licensed fighter pilots in the cockpit with them. Plus, you fly the aircraft 90% of the time!

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Client Reviews

Wow! You gotta do this!!

My wife and I went to the Lyon Air Museum and stumbled across these folks. Never thought I'd be flying a plane when I got up this morning.


Their staff are wonderful. "Rocket" explained everything so clearly it made the experience so much better. "Tiny" is a great instructor, made my first time ever flying a plane easy and so much fun.


Come fly with them soon!!

-  G. M.

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