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'Solo' Fighter Aerobatics SF-260

Advanced Solo Aerobatic Marchetti SF-260 (Hand’s On!)



20 Minute Flight Time - $795.00

30 Minute Flight Time - $895.00

45 Minute Flight Time - $995.00


Video Option - $50.00


The Experience:

You actually take the controls and fly our fighter plane, the Marchetti SF-260, hand’s on! This is your chance to fly at speeds over 220 mph and pull up to 4.5 times the force of gravity as you perform rolls, loops, hammerheads and spins high above the Pacific Ocean!  Learn high performance techniques from our seasoned instructor/fighter pilots how to perform the most effective fighter combat maneuvers used today in aerial combat.  This flight will prepare you for flying an actual air-to-air combat mission with us against another Marchetti SF-260. Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime!  


Experience Includes:

- Safety and Technical Pre-Flight Briefing on the Marchetti SF-260

-  Photos by the Aircraft w/ your Instructor/Fighter Pilot (IP)

-  Hand's On Flight Lesson with your Instructor/Fighter Pilot (IP) 

- Video Available for an Additional Fee ($50)

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